The cobbled street of Laggaris starts about 500m before Kokkino Lithari village, on the main road of Filiates – Keramitsa. It’s easy to find, as there is a sign featuring a map with the necessary information!

It is a beautiful 2,200-meter-long mountain route, between the mounts Laggaris and Kamara, of easy and short walking, which takes only about 1.5 hours! It also offers fantastic views to the river flowing at the bottom of the gorge through imperious plane trees! Along the trail hikers will find pieces of old retaining walls that protect the pathway from the steep cliffs and often reach up to four meters high.

Cobbled Street of Laggaris – Three images in 3D


The trail branches in two, about 1500 meters from the start of the route. One of the trails leads down to the creek where an old bridge is found. This part is great to take a rest and enjoy the beauty of the area right by the river. A few steps away, there is a road leading to Malouni. The second trail follows the basic route of Laggaris and ends up to an asphalt road leading to the beautiful Keramitsa village. Don’t miss the chapel of Agios Ioannis just before the end of the trail!

In summer, when water level is low you have the chance to walk through the gorge! You’ll find difficulty only when descending a waterfall. However, it is definitely worth it as you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and the small natural lakes formed among the rocks! At the end of this path turn right to a dirt road and go up to the top of the cobbled street.

Historical Information

The Cobbled Street of Laggaris was built during the Turkish occupation and was a key part of the “salt road” between Ioannina and Sagiada. Mercantile activity was rich as the path served as passage of nomads and herds from mountains of Pindos. It was also the way, through which the salt from Sagiada was transferred to inner Epirus. Moreover, it was used as a transportation passage for troops and weapons!

It has been rebuilt several times and last repair was done, according to local residents testimonies, in 1950. In 2000, the Ministry of Culture declared it as a “historical monument“. Recently, a lot of maintenance and remodeling efforts have also been made by the active members of local society.

Cobbled Street of Laggaris – Images

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