Faneromeni village in the region of Thesprotia is a beautiful mountainous village, listed as traditional, offering houses made of stone and magnificent views over the valley of Kalamas. It lies about 5 km from the town of Filiates and is the first to be found on the left side of the road, when driving towards Giromeri and Tsamantas.

Nowadays, only few people reside in the village. Despite being small, though, this village is really worth a visit for its traditional buildings and the main church of the village, called Panagia Faneromeni, boasting a prominent location and dedicated to “the Dormition of the Mother of God“. Moreover, at the entrance of the village you’ll find another beautiful church, this of Agia Ekaterini.

In the same area you can also visit other traditional villages, such as Giromeri and Finiki.

Faneromeni Village – 1 aerial and 2 ground 3Ds


Faneromeni Village – Images

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