Located northwest of Thesprotia, the town of Filiates counts more than 2500 permanent residents (whereas the Municipality of Filiates including the surrounding villages has a population of about 8,000 people).

It is built on a place combining hills and plains. Nestled amidst a verdant forest, Filiates is a town that offers all the peace and quiet visitors are looking for. Filiates features eateries serving local meat, as well as cafes, bars and many more. It is the only town in Thesprotia, where you can find a hospital, a nursing home, a conservatory and a student residence etc.

The town of Filiates boasts well preserved squares surrounded by cafes and restaurants. In several of these, there are monuments dedicated to the heroes of Kougki and Zaloggo. Other squares feature fountains with blossomed pots.

The picturesque cobbled streets teem with unique architectural elements, such as the lovely post-Byzantine gates adorned with colorful flowers. This part of the village is called “Vlachomachalas”.

Filiates Village – Six images in 3D


What’s more, Filiates is characterized by rich geographical diversity and surrounded by many traditional settlements with scenic alleys, such as Foiniki, Giromeri, Plaisio, Faneromeni and Old Sagiada.

If you visit the area in the summer, don’t miss the festivities taking place in various locations.  Moreover, the area is suitable for mountain hiking, as the imposing, yet accessible, mountains offer spectacular views.

Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Church in Filiates

Agia Triada church is one of the most picturesque churches in Filiates. It is built in a prominent location and surrounded by towering perennial cypress. An impressive feature of the church is that above the main gate of the temple there is an icon depicting God in human existence.  The cemetery in the courtyard of the church houses graves belonging to “Unknown Soldiers”, indicating the long-suffering past of the region by wars and hardships.



Filiates Village – Images

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