Foiniki village in Thesprotia is part of the Municipality of Filiates. This picturesque mountainous village is located approx. 5km northeast of Filiates town. In 1976, Foiniki was listed as an area of natural beauty, as it is the best preserved traditional settlement of Thesprotia.

Perched on a slope, Foiniki boasts iconic manors, scenic alleys, stone-paved courtyards and arched windows, along with a fantastic view over Kalamas river  valley. All two-floor and three-floor manors of Foiniki are made of stone and dated from the 18th century. The majority of those were financed by the expatriate people of Foiniki.

Foiniki Village – Three images in 3D 


A very special characteristic of the village is the arched front doors. The oldest of those dates back in 1840, yet this tradition continues up to now. The beautiful, colorful, arched front doors, either old or new, are found all over the winding alleys of the village and it would be hard not to recognize their unique architecture.

In the face of modern times, the people of Foiniki, motivated by their pure love for this place, have managed to preserve the character of the village as their legacy for future generations.

What you should definitely not miss, is the Foiniki Folklore Museum, founded in 1994 by the late Melina Mercouri, culture minister at that time. Here, you can see items and tools used by the people of Foiniki in early times and characterized their daily lives.

Foiniki Village – Traditional doors – Front Doors

Across the village you’ll find a quaint church, featuring a churchyard. The church is dedicated to the Transformation of the Messiah (Metamorfosi tou Sotiros) and built right next to the cemetery of the village; in the same place you will also find many old manors, as well as an old oil press.

Foiniki is a very special and beautiful settlement, everybody should visit!

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