Sagiada village belongs to  the Municipality of Filiates and consists of several former municipalities. Permanent residents are more than 590 and Sagiada stands out from other nearby villages, as it is the best fishing village of Thesprotia.

It is visited by many who wish to practice their favorite hobby, that is fishing, and also those who are longing for delicious fresh fish served in the numerous tavernas of the village. It is also preferred for numerous sightseeing   (eg. the deserted village of Liopsi). Skaloma, the picturesque harbor, is better known to those who spend their holidays with pleasure boats. And the reason is obvious, since they have the opportunity to taste fresh fish at the beautiful fish taverns.

You can also visit Old Sagiada which is situated above the modern village and from here visitors have the chance to enjoy the marvelous view to the Ionian Sea, which together with the abandoned village create a magical atmosphere.

Last but not least, bear in mind that a lot of festivities take place throughout the summer, such as “Giorti tou Psariou” (Fish Feast) organized on one of the beaches in Sagiada, every summer (August).

Sagiada village – Five images in 3D 


Sagiada beaches

Just a few minutes from Sagiada there are two beautiful beaches,  Keramidi and Strovili. Keramidi is a small beach surrounded by trees, pebbles, sand and has crystal waters. Strovili located at the homonymous foot of the hill that enters the sea and on top of are remnants of a medieval castle.

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