Sivota (previously called Mourtos) is a top holiday destination for many tourists.

It is a beautiful seaside village, in the southwestern part of Thesprotia, set in a small, secluded bay (about 900 residents). In fact, thanks to its verdant landscape that harmoniously laces with the blue sea, the village Sivota has been described as a “seaside paradise” by many.

The magnificent scattered islets (the “Sivota islets” according to Thucydides) bring in mind exotic places. Yet the extraordinary beauty of these islets is surely something than even top- class holiday destinations would be jealous of! The organized beaches in Syvota are ideal for anyone longing for that all important sun and azure sea!

In Sivota, visitors have the chance to enjoy food, coffee or a drink overlooking the marina and the Ionian Sea.

All in all, cosmopolitan Sivota is the flagship of tourism in Epirus Region and beyond.

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