Spyropigadia springs in Kalamas Straits are among the most beautiful destinations in Thesprotia. Situated between the villages of Polydroso and Pente Ekklisies, this idyllic and heavenly made place is perfect for relaxation and musing under imperious shady plane trees, right by the legendary River Kalamas.

Aspiring visitors can reach Spyropigadia springs driving on the old national road Igoumenitsa-Ioannina. Take the left turn to the villages of Plakoti and Pente Ekklisies, in 10kms after you go past Neraida village. Just before you reach Pente Ekklisies, there is a small sign that guides you over the village. You have to follow the steep unpaved route that ends up to Spyropigadia Springs. Please note that for this part you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle or you might as well go on foot (about 20 minutes walk).

The route to Spyropigadia is truly magical, as you’ll be able to admire not only the view to the Byzantine churches of Osdina (or Ouzdina), but also the view to the Gorge of Kalamas Straits.

The area is often called “Thesprotian Tempi” due to the wild gorge that literally tears the area in two. Beneath the plane trees you’ll see springs spouting all over the place creating this imposing scenery nestled in serenity!

Spyropigadia Springs in Kalamas Straits – Two images in 3D


The chapel of Agios Spyridon adds to the beauty of the area, which is effortlessly evident the minute visitors reach their destination, as the chapel is built into the rocks of the gorge. There is a seating area made of cement next to the chapel, where you can relax or have a picnic.

Extra walking along both sides of the river is possible, as the route to Pente Ekklisies (southwest) is easier, although at some points the river flow creates whitewater.

The northeastern route is harder and leads to Fragopidima, where Kalamas forms a natural S pattern. Right on top of the steep rocks of the gorge, on the side of Malouni Mountain, you’ll find a number of ancient caves. Visiting these caves, thought, is particularly difficult, so be careful.

Spyropigadia Springs in Kalamas Straits will surely leave visitors astounded and create memories for life. No wonder why visitors often reminisce about this unique experience and plan to go back and explore it once more!

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